Finnish Toy Dog Club Specialty Show 25.08.2019
Breed results|BIS results|Junior Handler results
Judge Mather Tom
1.Standard Poodle, black, brown and whiteSmart Connection Maxellende
2.Zwergspitz (Pomeranian)Baby-Doll's Soul By Pannacotta
3.Bichon FriséDiamella Yazzie Jewelry
4.Tibetan SpanielLilileian Keeper For Life
The best veterans
Judge Nilsson Mikael
1.Lhasa ApsoChic Choix Cleopatra Eurydice
2.Tibetan TerrierAs You Wish From Taste Of Ambrosia
3.Standard Poodle, black, brown and whiteSmart Connection Maxelle
4.Tibetan SpanielLilileian Padmé Amidala
The best breeder's groups
Judge Nilsson Mikael
1.Lhasa ApsoChic Choix
2.Zwergspitz (Pomeranian)Pipperoo
3.Bichon FriséWhitemoonwalker
4.Tibetan SpanielLilileian
The best puppies
Judge Heinesche Laurent
1.Miniature Poodle, black, brown and whiteCurlesque's Look Like A Movie Star
2.Boston TerrierCanmoy's Boston New Yorker
3.Bichon HavanaisFrosty Ink's Zico
4.King Charles SpanielQuisceen Magic Kohinoor Of Marjaniemen
The best juniors
1.Lhasa ApsoChic Choix Black Phantom
2.Coton de TuléarWhiteheart Lane Million Reasons
3.Tibetan SpanielFlying Carpet's Witch Of Polar Night
4.Bichon HavanaisBellezza's Light In The Sky
The best offspring class
Judge Heinesche Laurent
1.Chihuahua Long-hairedBiscuits Tickle Me
2.BologneseBounien Gone With The Wind
3.Cavalier King Charles SpanielAranel Galaxie
4.French BulldogYolandan Belle Époque