Oulu NORD 13.07.2019
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Bichon Frisé
Judge Matejcic Jasna
BOBKamians Here Comes The Hero (Olsen Wivi Anne)
BOSWyomaers Blast From The Past (Olsen Wivi Anne)
CC dogLadykiller's Way Out Of Your League (Niittymäki Maria & Ruhanen Hanna)
CC bitchWyomaers Blast From The Past (Olsen Wivi Anne)
Nord CC dogKamians Here Comes The Hero (Olsen Wivi Anne)
Nord CC bitchWyomaers Blast From The Past (Olsen Wivi Anne)
BOB juniorLadykiller's Way Out Of Your League (Niittymäki Maria & Ruhanen Hanna)
2328Jitterbop Let's Go Crazyabsent
2329Keymaker's Good Morning SunshineExcellent2MATEJCIC JASNA
2330Ladykiller's Way Out Of Your LeagueExcellent1BM3CQ, CACMATEJCIC JASNA
2331Copplecos Pure Passion For MajestyExcellentMATEJCIC JASNA
2332Ladykiller's Eyes On The PrizeExcellent1BM4CQ, RES CACMATEJCIC JASNA
2333Petit Ami's Jack SparrowExcellent2CQMATEJCIC JASNA
2334Pinctada's Casanova Di NeriVery goodMATEJCIC JASNA
2335Pinctada's Jon SnowExcellent4MATEJCIC JASNA
2336Whitemoonwalker What's Up My BoyExcellent3MATEJCIC JASNA
2337Wild Snowflake Equinox's CalebVery goodMATEJCIC JASNA
2338Jitterbop Clap Your Handsabsent
2339Kamians Here Comes The HeroExcellent1BM1CQ, BOB, NORD CACMATEJCIC JASNA
2340Mercurite's Eagle RiderVery goodMATEJCIC JASNA
2341Petit Ami's RobinExcellent2BM2CQ, NORD RES-CACMATEJCIC JASNA
2342White Pixy's Chipper KisserExcellent4MATEJCIC JASNA
2343Wyomaers In Your FaceExcellent3MATEJCIC JASNA
2344Keymaker's Baby Fly Me To ParadiseExcellent1BB2CQ, RES CAC, NORD RES-CACMATEJCIC JASNA
2345Jaana For Sweden Danco Of AmberVery goodMATEJCIC JASNA
2346Jitterbop Knocking On Hells DoorExcellent2CQMATEJCIC JASNA
2347Keymaker's Be Good Feel GoodExcellent1BB4CQMATEJCIC JASNA
2348Mercurite's GloriaExcellent3MATEJCIC JASNA
2349Pinctada's Vista MeravigliosoExcellent4MATEJCIC JASNA
2350White Mind's Miss FazerinaVery goodMATEJCIC JASNA
2351Tauro ZurgundaVery good1MATEJCIC JASNA
2352Charmandelan Guess Who's TouchExcellent2BB3CQMATEJCIC JASNA
2353Wyomaers Blast From The PastExcellent1BB1CQ, BOS, CAC, NORD CACMATEJCIC JASNA
2354Wyomaers Bright As A ButtonExcellent3CQMATEJCIC JASNA
2355Besserwisser Alexandraabsent