Voittaja Winner 2017 10.12.2017
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Judge Lindholm Ray
BOB, FIW-17Örnbergets Bgl Blue Moon (Rhodin Elisabeth, Sweden)
BOS, FIW-17Irinstyle Born To Touch Your Feelings (Vorozheikina Irina & Zborovskii Dmitrii, Russia)
CACIB dogSwed Pack's Riddare Campolieti (Lök Emelie, Sweden)
CACIB bitchLatoria Irinstyle (Sharkadi Olesya & Vorozheykina Irina, Russia)
CC dogÖrnbergets Bgl Blue Moon (Rhodin Elisabeth, Sweden)
CC bitchIrinstyle Born To Touch Your Feelings (Vorozheikina Irina & Zborovskii Dmitrii, Russia)
BOB veteranSzephegyi-Szimat Virgonc (Semenova Maria, Russia)
BOS veteranTrewelyn Triangle Drama (Lindström Annica, Sweden)
dog, FIJW-17Örnbergets Bgl Blue Moon (Rhodin Elisabeth, Sweden)
bitch, FIJW-17Irinstyle Born To Touch Your Feelings (Vorozheikina Irina & Zborovskii Dmitrii, Russia)
BOB breederSimonaland (Semenova Maria, Russia)
4269Absolutely Spotless Aragonabsent
4270Absolutely Spotless XenonExcellent4LINDHOLM RAY
4271Irinstyle Brave And StrongExcellent2CQLINDHOLM RAY
4272Kertalaakin CattitudeExcellentLINDHOLM RAY
4273Maishade's Honor Thy FatherExcellentLINDHOLM RAY
4274Punapihlajan IntoVery GoodLINDHOLM RAY
4275Simonaland Extreme RallyExcellent3LINDHOLM RAY
4276Örnbergets Bgl Blue MoonExcellent1BM1CQ, BOB, CACLINDHOLM RAY
4277Simonaland Cross FireExcellent1CQLINDHOLM RAY
4278AkuSufficientLINDHOLM RAY
4279Art-Fantasy Handsome StyleVery Good2LINDHOLM RAY
4280Aviatrix's Drivin' Cross The PrairyVery Good3LINDHOLM RAY
4281Fairhill Yankee MagicianVery Good4LINDHOLM RAY
4282Obladi's The Warlock Prosperoabsent
4283Swed Pack's Riddare CampolietiExcellent1BM3CQ, RES CAC, CACIBLINDHOLM RAY
4284Ami Shegoday OlympVery Good4LINDHOLM RAY
4285Lion King Of Airin's StyleExcellent3CQLINDHOLM RAY
4286Maple Ridge Northern LightsExcellent1BM4CQ, RES CACIBLINDHOLM RAY
4287Obladi's Mythological Coriakinabsent
4288Simonaland Make My DayExcellent2CQLINDHOLM RAY
4289Konttikuusen KamuVery Good3LINDHOLM RAY
4290Strongbow Rowdy Run-Forrest-Run!Excellent2CQLINDHOLM RAY
4291Szephegyi-Szimat VirgoncExcellent1BM2CQ, VET BOBLINDHOLM RAY
4292Absolutely Spotless Blancaabsent
4293Ami Shegoday Wine To WinnerExcellentLINDHOLM RAY
4294Astravegas SarbonaExcellent2CQLINDHOLM RAY
4295Hessin GuessVery GoodLINDHOLM RAY
4296Irinstyle Aleksandriyaabsent
4297Irinstyle Born To Touch Your FeelingsExcellent1BB1CQ, BOS, CACLINDHOLM RAY
4298Kertalaakin Cat'astrophe AlertExcellent4CQLINDHOLM RAY
4299Kertalaakin Cause I'm PurrfectExcellent3CQLINDHOLM RAY
4300Maishade's Kiss Kiss Bang BangVery GoodLINDHOLM RAY
4301Maishade's That's My GirlVery GoodLINDHOLM RAY
4302Tallpeak Most Wantedabsent
4303Simonaland CastaVery Good2LINDHOLM RAY
4304Valsi Jamberry Dasen PrimeVery Good1LINDHOLM RAY
4305Absolutely Spotless NessExcellent2CQLINDHOLM RAY
4306Ami Shegoday Ultra DiscoveryExcellent4LINDHOLM RAY
4307Anvi High Line Reni FortunaExcellent3LINDHOLM RAY
4308Kahaltajan ElisendaVery GoodLINDHOLM RAY
4309Latoria IrinstyleExcellent1BB2CQ, RES CAC, CACIBLINDHOLM RAY
4310Skilos Mas Reach For The StarsExcellentLINDHOLM RAY
4311Ami Shegoday Romantic KissExcellentCQLINDHOLM RAY
4312Anvi High Line ChelseaExcellent2BB4CQLINDHOLM RAY
4313Hessin Tiger LilyExcellentLINDHOLM RAY
4314Simonaland Mango-MangoExcellent3CQLINDHOLM RAY
4315Trewelyn Tulsa Oklahomaabsent
4316Valsi LavandaExcellent1BB3CQ, RES CACIBLINDHOLM RAY
4317Woodland West's Margarita Of Starbuck TorbayExcellent4CQLINDHOLM RAY
4318Houndmaster Double GoldExcellent2CQLINDHOLM RAY
4319Skilos Mas Sun Moon StarsExcellent3LINDHOLM RAY
4320Trewelyn Triangle DramaExcellent1CQ, VET BOSLINDHOLM RAY
Breeder's groups
8208Simonaland1KPLINDHOLM RAY