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Name of the show:Griffonit
Date and place:26.09.2021, Pöytyä
Kuralan kartanotila
26.09. PÖYTYÄ Kuralan kartanotila - Kuralantie 11, 21900 YLÄNE, griffon belge, griffon bruxellois, petit brabançon, myös pennut (5- alle 7 kk & 7- alle 9 kk) ja jälkeläisluokka. Järj. Suomen Griffonyhdistys. Arv. alkaa klo12. Ilm. 01.09. mennessä tai Nina Holmström, Braskintie 132, 08700 Lohja. Ilm. koskevat tied. Nina Holmström 0400 536521 Ilm. maksu 34 €, saman om. 2. jne. koira 29 €, pennut ja veteraanit 26 €, yli 10-v vet. 0 €, SGY ry tili FI50 4510 7720 0285 88. Palkintotuomari Michelle Swinge, Iso-Britannia

NOTE! Service fee 2.90€ / entry.
Show entry terms and conditions

Terms of entry

This entry is binding. With this contract, I enter an event recognized by the Finnish Kennel Club. I am entitled to services according to the contract, to a price specified in the contract. I guarantee that the dog I have entered is vaccinated and identification marked in accordance with valid provisions. I undertake to follow the Finnish Kennel Club's valid dog show and anti-doping regulations and guidelines. I agree that the Finnish Kennel Club and breed clubs can publish the critique of my dog.

Terms of cancellation

The entry fee is reimbursed upon request of the exhibitor, if
  • the show is cancelled for reasons other than Force Majeure
  • entry is cancelled because of a change in judge, unless the Show Committee has, before the close of the initial entry period, announced a reserve judge for the breed in the dog show's official announcement (Koiramme -Våra hundar magazine)
  • the breeder of a dog entered at the show is invited to judge for the breed in question after the entry has closed
The Show Committee is entitled to deduct bank fees and administrative costs caused by refund of entry fees.

According to guidelines for organization of puppy shows, entry fees are not refunded in case of change of judge.
Methods of payment:
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