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Aika ja paikka:24.04.2021, Varkaus
Varkauden ratsastuskeskus
Näyttelyn nimi:Tiibetinmastiffi


5.4.2021 / 12.4.2021 mennessä internetissä: https://ilmoittautuminen.kennelliitto.fi tai postitse: Tiibetinmastiffien erikoisnäyttely/Johanna Puolitaipale, Maunomäentie 113, 73810 Palonurmi.


5.4.2021 mennessä: Ensimmäinen koira 35€, saman omistajan 2. jne. koira ja pennut 30€. Veteraanit (veteraaniluokassa) 10€. Yli 10v. veteraanit ilmaiseksi. 12.4.2021 mennessä: kaikki luokat 40€, vain netti-ilmoittautuminen.

Postitse: Ilmoittautuminen maksetaan tilille FI75 8216 9710 0124 22/Suomen Tiibetinmastiffit ry. Viite: 2011. Maksukuitti tai sen kopio on liitettävä ilmoittautumisen mukaan. Älä lähetä käteistä postissa.

Näyttelyyn osallistuvan koiran on oltava tunnistusmerkitty (tatuointi tai mikrosiru) ja rokotettu Suomen Kennelliiton määräysten mukaisesti. Arvostelu alkaa klo 10.00.


puh. 050 570 8031

e-mail: erkkari@suomentiibetinmastiffit.fi

Ilmoittaessaan koiransa näyttelyyn näytteilleasettaja sitoutuu noudattamaan Suomen Kennelliiton voimassa olevia näyttelysääntöjä ja niitä täydentäviä ohjeita sekä rokotusmääräyksiä. HUOM! Palvelumaksu 2,90€ / ilmoittautuminen.
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If you are entering dogs in a dog show:

It could only be accepted the entries of those dogs owned by natural or legal people, registered as owners in the Stud Book of the country where they have their habitual residence, being or not the legal owners at the time of the registration: in the LOE or RRC of the RSCE, the only Spanish dog stud books recognized by the FCI, in the case of residents in the Spanish territories; or in that of a National Canine Organization member of the FCI (OCN-FCI), in the case of residents in other countries.

After the entry into force in Spain, on 1st February 2018, of the European Convention for the Protection of Pet Animals, in application of the article 10, paragraph 1, the entry and participation in the dog shows organized or authorized by the RSCE of dogs born as from 1st February 2018 with cropped ears or docked tail or any other surgical operations to change dog’s appearance or for any other non curative purposes, are not allowed.

The owners of dogs born from 1st January 2018 that have been docked for veterinarian medicine reasons or to benefit an animal in particular, or tailless, or brachyury dogs, have to attach photocopy of the RSCE certificate where it is confirmed that they have been given the official statement of a veterinarian, or the corresponding signature on the pet passport, that proves the necessity to dock the tail or the brachyury test that shows this condition.

Those entries not being sent together with the proof of the payment of the whole corresponding amount will be considered as not received. The exhibitor could be asked for the receipt of the entry and the proof of payment before being given the necessary documents to participate in the show.

In the case the dog is owned by more than one owner, you declare at your own responsibility that you have the permission of all the owners to enter the dog in this dog show.

If you are entering dogs for an initial registration:

You would only be allowed to apply for the initial registration in the Registro de Razas Caninas (RRC) of the RSCE of those dogs of your property, that are not registered in any other canine stud book.

In order to be allowed to apply for a Registro de Razas Caninas of the RSCE, your habitual legal residence must be in the Spanish territory.

If you are entering dogs for a confirmation of breed:

You would only be allowed to apply for the confirmation of breed of those dogs which are already registered in the LOE or RRC of the RSCE.

In any of these cases:

You expressly declare and at your own responsibility:

  • 1. That the data recorded in this entry form are true and the attached files authentic.
  • 2. That the entered dog/s is/are healthy and has/have not had any contact with other animals that are suffering from infectious, contagious diseases.
  • 3. That you cede the organizer your image rights, expressly authorising the capture, reproduction and spread of the images of your person that may derived from your participation in the mentioned show, via the technical means and written, audiovisual and electronic aids, internet included, currently known and those to be developed in the future, worldwide, with no geographical limits of any kind, for a unlimited period of time and for free, with no remuneration neither for this cession nor for the use of the mentioned images.
  • 4. That you declare, at the time of entering, that you know and accept the Reglamento de Certámenes de Morfología Canina de la RSCE (RSCE rules and regulations for dog shows) and that you are subject to it.

We inform that, in order to benefit from the member prices, all the co-owners of the dog must be members of the RSCE and be up to date with the payment of the yearly fee.

Confirmation of reception of the entry form:

We make you aware of the fact that no entry will be considered as received until the RSCE is in the possession of the information of the dogs to enter and the corresponding payment. Therefore, those dogs, whose entry form is not complete or that no payment has been sent, WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO PARTICIPATE.

A confirmation of the reception of the entry form and, therefore, its acceptance in our system will be sent to the e-mail address indicated at the time of filling in the entry form. Failing to receive this e-mail, we would very much appreciate if you could contact the REAL SOCIEDAD CANINA DE ESPAÑA as soon as possible.

Data protection:

In compliance with the Regulations (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and Council, of 27th April 2016, referred to the protection of natural people with respect to the treatment of the personal data and to the free circulation of these data and the Organic Law on the Protection of Personal Data and Digital Rights Guarantee, 3/2018 of 5th December. The REAL SOCIEDAD CANINA DE ESPAÑA, as responsible of the Treatment of the provided data, informs that these data will become part of the data base of the REAL SOCIEDAD CANINA DE ESPAÑA for its suitable maintenance, development, compliance and control of the contractual relationship and the provision of the required services, for which they will be treated with the aim of managing the contractual relationship that exists between you and the organization.

The legal base of this treatment of the data is the maintenance, execution and control of the contractual relationship, article 6.1.b) RGPD, as well as the compliance of the corresponding legal obligations.

REAL SOCIEDAD CANINA DE ESPAÑA guarantees that the gathered information will be at no time ceded or sold to a third party, nor treated with different aims to those herein mentioned, without prior consent, unless it exists a legal obligation. The provided data will be preserved as long as it is needed to fulfill the aim which they were gathered for and to determine the possible responsibilities that could derive from that aim and from the treatment of the details.

The REAL SOCIEDAD CANINA DE ESPAÑA has adopted the necessary technical and organizative measures, according to the established by the RGPD, to guarantee the security of the treatment of your personal data.

In the case the applicant wants to exercise his/her rights of access, rectification, erasure, restriction, portability or opposition, this will have to be done by a letter sent to: REAL SOCIEDAD CANINA DE ESPAÑA, with NIF: G-28545812 and registered office in Calle Maldonado, 56, 28006, Madrid (Spain) or by e-mail to the address protecciondedatos@rsce.es, always attaching any proof that shows the identity. Equally, the applicant will be allowed to file a claim with the supervisor authority.