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Выставка на которую Вы записываетесь
Название Выставки:Colliet
Дата и место:20.07.2024, Kalajoki
Kalajoen pienlentokenttä
Kaikki ilmoittautumiset tulee tehdä 24.6. / 1.7.2024 mennessä. Ilmoittautuminen 1.7. mennessä netissä tai 24.6. mennessä osoitteeseen Vilma Kelahaara Linjakuja 11 91100 Ii. 24.6.2024 mennessä: 1. koira 35€ saman omistajan 2. jne koira 28€ pennut ja veteraanit 28€ yli 10v veteraanit ilmaiseksi vet-luokassa 25.6.-1.7.2024 välisenä aikana Kaikki luokat 45€ (vain netissä) Ilmoittaessaan koiransa näyttelyyn näytteilleasettaja sitoutuu noudattamaan Suomen Kennelliiton voimassa olevia näyttelysääntöjä ja niitä täydentäviä ohjeita ja rokotusmääräyksiä.

NOTE! Service fee 3,45€ / entry.
Show entry terms and conditions

Terms of entry

This entry is binding. With this contract, I enter an event recognized by the Finnish Kennel Club. I am entitled to services according to the contract for a price specified in the contract. I guarantee that the dog I have entered is vaccinated and identification marked in accordance with valid provisions.

I undertake to follow the Finnish Kennel Club's valid dog show and anti-doping regulations and guidelines. I agree that the Finnish Kennel Club and breed clubs can publish the critique of my dog.

Refund of entry fee in accordance with the Finnish Kennel Club’s Dog Show Regulations

The entry fee is reimbursed upon request of the exhibitor, if
  • the show is cancelled for reasons other than Force Majeure
  • the entry is cancelled because of a change in judge, unless the Show Committee has announced a reserve judge for the breed before the close of the initial entry period
  • the breeder of a dog entered to the show is invited to judge the breed in question or the owner of a dog entered to the show is invited to judge at the show after the close of the entry period
The Show Committee is entitled to deduct bank fees and administrative costs caused by refund of entry fees.

According to guidelines for organization of puppy shows, entry fees are not refunded for change of judge.

The Consumer Protection Act requires that the legal text below is on display at services that practise distance sales – even though the text does not apply to cancellation of dog show entries!

Right of withdrawal when buying goods or services online according to the Consumer Protection Act

If you wish to cancel your online purchase, you must inform the vendor in a clear manner at the latest within 14 days of the receipt of the goods or the conclusion of the agreement.

You do not have the right to cancel a purchase of dog show services, because:

  • the agreement is about a leisure event scheduled for or carried out within a specific date and time
  • you have ordered a service that has been provided during the withdrawal period at your request
  • if you cancel the agreement regarding a service that has been started, you must pay a reasonable compensation for the costs already incurred for the service provider
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